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Hospitality is creating an atmosphere of comfort and belonging

Experience SunWorkation – a pioneering concept that seamlessly merges work and vacation, enabling individuals to achieve peak productivity amidst serene, sunlit destinations. This groundbreaking approach acknowledges the imperative for professionals to reinvigorate their creative spirits in inspiring locales. SunWorkation prioritizes work-life equilibrium, providing contemporary workspaces complete with cutting-edge technology, facilitating remote work without compromising on comfort.

With meticulous planning and a commitment to perfection, SunWorkation cultivates a comprehensive approach to personal advancement, elevating both professional achievements and overall well-being for every company. Embrace the transformative potential of SunWorkation and unlock the doorway to harmonious, enriching, and productive work experiences amid the allure of sun-kissed horizons

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I am Bartek van der Smissen, former Civil Engineer and currently residing in Portugal with my family. Our journey began when we made the bold decision to liquidate our assets in the Netherlands, trading it all for a campervan that became our vessel to traverse Europe. Balancing remote work, nurturing our child, cherishing our canine companion, and immersing ourselves in the picturesque surroundings became our new way of life.

The allure of Algarve Portugal, captured our hearts, and we found ourselves enchanted by its beauty, deciding to establish our roots here. This love for embracing work under the sun eventually blossomed into a compelling concept – the inception of hosting workations.

Our encounters with fellow travelers revealed a common thread – the desire to work and explore, yet missing the camaraderie of direct colleagues and the amenities of a conducive workspace. Recognizing this unmet need, we founded SunWorkation, a platform meticulously designed to facilitate seamless workation experiences for professionals. Our expertise, honed through diverse roles and ventures, drives our commitment to delivering optimal encounters for our guests.

The resonance we feel with this endeavor is profound. It is not just a venture, but a devotion to elevating individuals’ work-life dynamics. The fulfillment derived from enhancing experiences is our lodestar, propelling us to transform this passion into our vocation.

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